• Jackie Hooks

Jesus is big, y'all!

This is a call to be extraordinary. This is the call to live the extraordinary life.

All in One Place


This is my best friend, Jody. We did not vote the same in this last election. Jody and I started a ministry together in 2012. She absolutely changed the way I see people. She transformed the way I see homeless folks, people who are dying, my kids’ teachers, and gals…

This Is My Christmas Story

This is My Christmas Story. Ordinary Mangers. A Place for Everyone. Mom’s house on Christmas Eve is packed. Cousins.  Kiddos.  Aunts and Uncles. Extended families.  New boyfriends or girlfriends.  New babies.  It has been going on for decades.  We all show up with food and presents and wine and beer. …

Episode 26…The Keeper of the Gifts

It may be a little early, but I am ready for Christmas, so we will jump into the Christmas story in this episode and thinking about how it might have been to be Mary the day the Wisemen appeared on her doorstep. Come join me for this week’s episode of…

Episode 25…Tiny Failures (updated)

Ever feel like a failure? We’ve all been there – especially as moms, we can feel like we have it all together and then the next moment happens…     Come join me for this week’s episode of The Extraordinary Life!

Episode 24…Weary from Fireworks

Fireworks may be one of my favorite experiences with my family, but man that walk back from the fireworks. Moments like that make me weary. And as parents, we are in the business of making fireworks for everyone. Join me as I walk that road of weariness with you and…