• Jackie Hooks

Jesus is big, y'all!

This is a call to be extraordinary. This is the call to live the extraordinary life.


Episode 18…How to Start a Fire…Chapter 7….Ablaze


There is hope for everyone when we live loved and let this fire of love consume our whole life.  There is hope for all the hopeless everywhere you turn.  There is hope for all the unnoticed and sad and scared and lonely people when we let Jesus light up our…


Episode 17…How to Start a Fire Chapter 6…Worthy of Your Calling

This isn’t fake, y’all.  You have received a calling.  It may be like no other on the planet.  You may be called to pick up a torch that has never been touched.  You may be called to build the world’s smallest bonfire, or smolder unnoticed for the rest of your…


How to Start a Fire Chapter 5…Used to Ashes

We always hope the ashes don’t belong to us. But when they do, God really does use ashes to rebuild.  But it has taken most of the last few years to understand what rebuilding looks like to Jesus and to understand what type of ashes He has to work with in…


How to Start a Fire Chapter 4…Firewood

Somewhere along the way we have missed it.  Somewhere along the way us ordinary folks have just plain missed it.  We have felt the nudge here and there, and we have been compelled and convicted by scripture.  But we have not understood what and who we are to Jesus.  We…


Now – How to Start a Fire – Chapter 3

We are living our life in Christ.  We are living this life and at some point we have either had the now moment or we are waiting on the now moment or we think the now moment only happens for other people.  Whichever group we fall into, now moments will…