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This is my best friend, Jody. We did not vote the same in this last election. Jody and I started a ministry together in 2012. She absolutely changed the way I see people. She transformed the way I see homeless folks, people who are dying, my kids’ teachers, and gals that are hurting right in front of me. Jody changed the way I looked at vodka too and Friday nights at my house, leaving your back door unlocked, monogramming, adding vegetables to every meal and the value in a large Sonic drink. I text her my prayers for her every morning at 5:30 (unless it’s Saturday). She has never been more proud of me than the day I started shopping at HEB, and we could both talk to you endlessly about the necessity of Chuy’s for all big monumental celebrations. She has a pig that I might give my life for, and the best nail colors on any given day. She hates that I reheat coffee all day long and thinks I’m insane for freezing the heels of bread…you never know y’all when you might need them. She is glitter. I am granola. And Jesus is our Savior.

This is The Body of Christ. We will not be divided.


This is Stephanie and her dear, 37 years in the making friend, Amy. They did not vote the same in the last election. It was Mrs. Fredette’s 6th grade English class at Wayside middle School that brought them together. And there

lives have been intertwined ever since. Amy painted the scenery for their school production of Hamlet, while Stephanie shined as the ghost. They had a million inside jokes and one sideways glance spoke a thousand words in

class after class all the way through high school. Even their senior year when Stephanie wanted to be the editor of the yearbook so badly, and the role was handed to Amy…they walked through it together y’all…hurt hearts and

all…because that is what friends do. They were good girls. Smart and funny. Each admiring the other for their confidence. And both would tell you they are a voice for the voiceless. Stephanie through education. Amy through

writing. Spurred on by one another and thank goodness for Facebook that brought them back together…right where they left off…sideways glances and all.

This is The Body of Christ y’all. We will not be divided.


This is Tiffnie and her priceless friend Aimee. They did not vote the same in this last election. Tiffnie and Aimee met at church, but it was seven years after the initial smiles and polite waves in the hallway that they became friends.

Working in the nursery at church with another gal, anyone will tell you, builds an unbreakable bond. Before they ever even went to a movie together, they were on a plane and sharing a hotel room for several days…y’all…this is a

friendship that has withstood some tests! Tiffnie is fly by the seat of her pants, and Aimee is a planner. Aimee can pack the living daylights out of a suitcase and Tiffnie can introduce you to the best mimosa in town. But it is their

love of a good, honest conversation over crackers and easy cheese that has been the glue holding this friendship tightly together…and love…a heapload of BIG Jesus love.

This is the Body of Christ y’all. We will not be divided.


This is Katy and her lifelong friend Jill. They did not vote the same in the last election. They met at a fourth grade birthday party, and brought the same Pound Puppy as a gift, which in fourth grade means something special. And

they have been together ever since. The same  junior high. The same high school. And then on to Baylor University together. Jill likes country, katy likes rock. Katy likes to work out, Jill not so much. Jill likes wine, Katy likes

whiskey. And Katy will tell ya one of the happiest days of her life was when she realized Jill loved college football as much as she did. And no matter how different these two gals are, they have never stopped laughing together.

They have stood together in their weddings, held each other’s babies and walked the hard roads of being “real adults” together. Y’all. This is what Jesus can do with a friendship.

This is The Body of Christ. We will not be divided.


This is Traci and her ring wearing Aggie friend, Sumer. They did not vote the same in the last election. Sumer and Traci grew up going to rival schools in Arlington, TX…knew some of the same people but never REALLY knew each

other. But the summer after freshman year,they were both living at home and wanted to get the heck out of “A-Town”. And so they did. Together. They went to College Station, TX. The rest is history. Sumer is a natural gal, while

Traci is all about glam. Sumer is the super involved mom, while Traci hollers from the side lines. Traci ended up in a small town with her cowboy, and Sumer loves her life in the city. But a few things will always bind them

together…running, Texas A&M University, and a Jesus friendship. Y’all.

This is The Body of Christ. We will not be divided.


This is Peggy and her sister in law and one of her best friends for the last 52 years, Karen. They did not vote the same in the last election. These two became friends when Karen began dating Peggy’s brother, Tom, in 1965. Peggy

was so excited when Karen asked her to be in her wedding…Karen and Tom were at TCU…Peggy was still in high school…And she says the college boys were so cute. They did Thanksgiving together through the years when they

were young and married and lived away from family. They sent pictures of their children. They never missed a Christmas Eve together. They now send pictures of their grandchildren, and love each other’s “people” as if they were

their own. They have never had much in common other than a love of shopping and talking and laughing and family. They are as different as different can be, and yet they talk every day. The last 52 years have held their fair share

of heartache…a million pounds of worry…and enough crazy dog stories to last a lifetime. Y’all. This truly is what friendship is all about. Honest.

This is The Body of Christ. We will not be divided.


This is my new and incredibly awesome friend, Dayle. We did not vote the same in the last election. Dayle and I met over the most awesome carpool ever to book club. She drove and I talked and we both laughed and even realized

we love to sing, “If I Had $1000000” by Bare Naked Ladies. She is dairy free and my life is smothered in queso. She works out daily and teaches Pilates, and I prefer lots of comfy chairs and long conversations. Dayle is an introvert

and I am an extrovert. Dayle brings lots of fruit to my house and I like to eat it. She does things like Kite Surfing and I drive around with lots of kids in my car (both raise your heart rate I think). We actually talk politics all the time

and often don’t agree. Y’all. But we always agree on Jesus and living a life of Jesus Love.

This is The Body of Christ. We will not be divided.

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