They Never Give Up

“What Do You Know About Being a Hooks?” “We Never Give Up.” “That’s Right.” My kids have watched me fail. They have watched me not get chosen, and not get picked. My kids have watched me dream big, and work hard, and not one thing turn out, or work out, or have a big huge […]

When Life is Good…

I’m Crying Again. My Kids Are Used to It. This time it’s a Kings of Leon song.  I don’t even really know why.  I’m driving Jake to his Full Orchestra concert (he plays percussion), and it feels big. And good.  And I’m proud of him.  And I’m proud he picked Kings of Leon and wants […]

The Waves Beneath My Feet

Last week I was given a book, The Water Walker, by Ted Dekker.  I was excited.  Honestly.  Super Excited.  Because it has been so long since I have read a good fiction book.  I was excited to curl up.  I was excited to not be able to put it down.  I was excited to see […]