Jackie Hooks


Jackie Hooks is a wife, mother to 4, a passionate follower of Christ, and a Christian author and speaker. But if anyone had told her a few years ago that she would pursue a career writing and speaking, she would have made a snarky comment and laughed. And then if they threw in the fact that she would be writing and speaking about Jesus? Well….that would have seemed just plain ridiculous. But today, Jackie is a woman who loves the Jesus. She loves to SERVE Him and help others come to know their calling within His kingdom. Jackie says, “I am just an ordinary gal serving Jesus.  I never stop being a mom of 4, and I never stop being a wife, and I never stop following Jesus on any regular day.” And following Him means responding in obedience, even when He asked her to do something she thought she would never do. He asked Jackie to share her past with a room at a Women’s Retreat at her home church in Arlington, Texas. This step of obedience was one that helped her to start to see His truth in her life.

Jackie’s story began when she was just 6 years old. Jackie and her sister were being raised by a single mom who was desperately just trying to get by. And one afternoon, they were abducted by a stranger from the parking lot of their apartment complex.  Her clearest memory from that day is the voice in her head saying, “Run or Die.” And choosing to run saved her and her sister.

In the years that followed, Jackie’s family never spoke of what happened again. And like many girls with similar stories, she turned to drugs, alcohol, and bad boyfriends to mask her pain. Finally, she settled down (a bit) and married Corey. They were carefree and having a ton of fun. Until they weren’t. And then they were on the verge of divorce.

All of that changed the night Corey made the revelation that he thought he needed Jesus. That decision changed their lives – it saved them, saved their marriage, saved their family. In the words of Jackie Hooks, “Jesus is BIG, Y’all.”  A few years into their walk with Jesus, Jackie realized that she needed to bring light to the darkness of her past and share the story of God’s redemption and grace shown beautifully in her life. And since that first calling to tell her story in 2010, God has given Jackie a passion to share His love with others. And because of that passion, Jackie can now proudly say that God has called her to be a writer and a speaker. And Jackie wants you to join her in this journey of obedience to Christ and will spread this message: “This is your invitation to be extraordinary.  This is a call to live the extraordinary life.”


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