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Eat Your Cake

You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Why else do you make cake? You make cake to eat, right?  So, what the hell else are you planning to do with that cake? Seriously. Y’all. We stayed at a church for a long time.  It’s the longest we ever stayed at one church.  And […]

Marriage is Hard

Marriage is hard means sometimes you call your husband a dick. Marriage is hard means sometimes you know everyone’s favorite sandwich, shampoo, pair of socks, toothpaste, the way they like their toast or coffee or water…but you don’t know your own anymore. Marriage is hard means there are weeks where all you will do is drive in circles from 3pm till 9pm and wake up and go to work and see each other in the driveway or the hallway and hold hands in the bedroom as you fall asleep to Netflix. Marriage is hard means you can barely believe this is your life, and you just keep choosing it and trying to get to a good place when you can. Marriage is hard. It’s really really really hard. And finances and kids and backgrounds and jobs and life make it even harder…And it’s ok to say all of this because everyone, I’m pretty sure, is living this too.

This is for Us…

I was asked a question this past year… I have been asked this a million times…maybe you have too…Maybe not… “Who are your heroes?” (And I can’t remember who the hell asked me this question…But I’m sure they were desperate or in a horrible lull in conversation to have thrown this out there…) I am […]

You Can Walk Away…

Yesterday I told Corey (my husband of almost 20 years) we needed to finish some projects before starting more…This was a trigger for him. I hate that word. It almost caused an enormous argument. We sat outside and talked a bunch…communicated a bunch…worked on US a bunch…in our back yard over coffee…This is marriage y’all. […]

My Somedays Have Arrived…

My somedays have arrived. I didn’t expect them to hit so hard. But it feels like they are this year. And my somedays have arrived. Maybe yours have too. It seems like just yesterday I walked into Kindergarten with Jake. He starts high school tomorrow. And y’all. I am almost beside myself. I cried tonight […]